Combining the innovation force of several EIT Innovation Communities – to help Europe and its citizens on the green and digital innovation journey!

EIT Manufacturing is currently involved in ten activities that span across several of EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities. These so called Cross-KIC projects aim at jointly driving strategic topics to promote European innovation, while fostering collaboration and identify synergies across the communities. EIT Manufacturing is currently involved in projects related to digitized production, artificial intelligence, future skills and human capital, circular economy as well as fighting water scarcity in Southern Europe.  

Learn more about a few of these initiatives below and how to get involved!

Human Capital

The Human Capital -project aims at jointly developing innovative teaching and learning tools and methods to help upskill and reskill Europe’s workforce to manage the ongoing green and digital transitions.  The project team also defining various activities to foster exchanges to promote and inspire to life-long learning. The Human Capital project is a collaboration between EIT Manufacturing, EIT Digital, EIT Food and EIT InnoEnergy.

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Water Scarcity

The Water Scarcity -initiative aims at alleviating water scarcity in Southern Europe and contributing to finding solutions to optimise water consumption. Water scarcity is a growing challenge, and Europe’s industry has a role to play in contributing to optimising water consumption across production.

The project, started in 2020, is developing a large body of knowledge about the topic, organising dedicated Water Academies to share about recent knowledge and remedies, and scouting for innovations and entrepreneurs active in this area as well as sharing findings through outreach and communication activities.

The project is a collaboration between EIT Food, EIT Climate, EIT Digital and EIT Manufacturing.

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Open call for problem holders and solution providers to tackle water scarcity for Southern Europe: /call-for-problem-holders-and-solution-providers-to-tackle-water-scarcity-in-southern-europe/

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Circular Economy

This three-year project aims at developing a common roadmap for circular economy across the EIT. Circular Economy, together with the transition to a climate neutral continent, is a priority topic for the EU.

The project is a collaboration between six of the EIT’s innovation communities and led by EIT Raw Materials. As part of this initiative, EIT Communities have recently launched a call on Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) as part of the Cross-KIC Circular Economy. The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new tool to help innovative environmental technologies reach the market.

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EIT Jumpstarter

The Jumpstarter is a Pan-European pre-accelerator programme targeting individual entrepreneurs across the RIS countries (. It’s a programme that falls somewhere between education and business creation.

So far, the programme has been very successful, much thanks to leveraging the skills and experience of six KICs (EIT Food, EIT Raw Materials, EIT Food, EIT Urban Mobility, EIT InnoEnergy an EIT Manufacturing). In addition, the multidisciplinary approach has received a good feedback from the participation.

Candidates are encouraged to apply through a yearly open call. The best candidates are selected for the bootcamps, with further selections leading up to a grand final.

The Jumpstarter’s 2021 edition saw a record number of applications with 548 teams registered, out of which 56 teams are related to manufacturing.