Createch Summit Sofia 2024: An opportunity for arts and technology

The CreaTech Summit was held in Sofia, Bulgaria from January 29th to February 1st 2024 and brought together creative minds and technological innovators from across Southeast Europe. The summit explored the relation between creativity and technology, with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in cultural and creative sectors. 

EIT Manufacturing participated in the CreaTech Summit, highlighting the growing interrelation of art and technology. IT highlighted the ways artistic and design approaches can be leveraged to develop innovative technological solutions. The panels also addressed key themes relevant to european and national policies for entrepreneurship and the role of the hubs in fostering collaboration and innovation in the south east region.   

The Createch Summit Sofia 2024 shed light on several key themes for CreaTech businesses in the South East region. The summit emphasized the importance of: 

  • International Opportunities: Participants explored the vast international opportunities available to CreaTech enterprises 
  • Expert Insights: The summit featured insights from experts across various creative fields, including film, television, game development, design, and immersive technologies. These insights provided valuable guidance for CreaTech businesses navigating these dynamic industries. 
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: The importance of collaboration and partnership opportunities within south east countries was a recurring theme. The summit fostered connections between businesses and institutions, paving the way for future collaborations. 

The CreaTech Summit Sofia 2024 contributed to knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering collaboration within the South East region, by bringing together the interested stakeholders.