Best marks for German image recognition start-up

Winning a prize in matchmaking? At the Global Meetup 2022 in The Hague, organised by Unknown Group, this was an option – and DENKweit made it! Now the team can look forward to going to Ireland to explore the Irish business landscape.

At the Global Meetup, the matchmaking event was organised into several vertical tracks, one of which was the manufacturing and construction track. 20 start-ups took part in the matchmaking with at least five matchmaking appointments with potential clients and cooperation partner. All participating start-ups were rated in pre-defined categories, such as impact, business model, innovativeness and market potential. DENKweit made best marks, won the competition, and will thus be invited to one of Ireland’s biggest manufacturing conferences for 2023: The Manufacturing Solutions Ireland conference in June 2023 in Limerick.

Dr Wolfgang Kniejski, Senior Business Creation Manager from EIT Manufacturing congratulates Arvid Moritz, Head of Business Development from DENKweit for the success at the competition.

DENKweit will receive the opportunity to meet with representatives from Irish corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies, and also receive stage time at the conference to present their AI-based image recognition solution and its benefits. Since two Irish manufacturing clusters, IDEAM and atim, are part of the EIT Manufacturing community, the team from DENKweit is sure to make good connections in Ireland.

Dr Jamie Meehan, Cluster Manager of IDEAM, provided an insight on what to expect from Manufacturing Solutions 2023 and the international advanced manufacturing ecosystem on show throughout.

Our IDEAM Digital and Green Manufacturing Annual conference booklet will be published in due course, showcasing an array of exciting and innovative opportunities to connect with leading industry experts in the digital and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem. You will gain valuable insights into current and future trends that are shaping the global manufacturing industry whilst exploring new business opportunities for your organisation. Keynote sessions, industry site visits, panel discussions and case study presentations featuring national and international speakers will be explored throughout. Some of the best European and All Island Manufacturing companies will be there to collaborate!

Dr Jamie Meehan, Cluster Manager of IDEAM

“DENKweit really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Global Meetup in The Hague. Besides getting to know a new city, the focus was on the people and making new global contacts,” said Arvid Moritz, Head of Business Development with DENKweit. “The dealmaking day of the manufacturing track was the best opportunity to talk face to face with people from big companies and to understand their problems. And, of course, to present our solutions. My learnings from the event are to go into the conversations with an open mind and without specific expectations to be inspired for new opportunities. Everyone has something to say, and you can learn from everyone. We are very excited about the upcoming conference in Ireland next year!”

Global Meetup networking atmosphere in The Hague

The Global Meetup is organised by Unknown Group. It has a unique atmosphere. Roy van der Loos, Business Development Manager of the event organiser The Unknown Group stated:

We could not wait to welcome 100 winning start-up founders from all over the world that make a real change with their innovations. The Global Meetup is always a unique gathering of passionate people that connect, become friends, and make valuable business connections.

Roy van der Loos, Business Development Manager of The Unknown Group


The Global Meetup in conjunction with Europe’s largest impact meetup, ImpactFest 2022 in the Hague, was a great opportunity for the Business Creation team from EIT Manufacturing Central to work together with the network partner Unknown Group. The result: meetings with 20 leading ventures in the manufacturing domain and fruitful discussions with industry leaders and investors on how to shorten value chains and to collaborate within the industry. In addition to that, eight start-ups that EIT Manufacturing Central supports took part and met with representatives from various international manufacturing ecosystems. A great opportunity for 5thIndustry, AR-Experts, DENKweit, Kreatize, oculavis, OndoSense, ValCUN, Trilleco and WearHealth.

Mark your calendar!

Manufacturing Ireland Solutions will take place 14 and 15 June 2023 – so block time in your calendar now!

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