EFFRA and EIT Manufacturing join forces to shape the future of Europe’s manufacturing industry

EIT Manufacturing and EFFRA will sign a Cooperation Agreement on the 27th of October that will enforce the existing collaboration. It will be a joint effort, by sharing resources and knowledge to support the manufacturing industry in Europe.

Bruxelles, 22 September, European manufacturing is going through several changes and challenges. It needs to accelerate innovation and investments in order to drive the transition to a climate-neutral and sustainable circular economy, as well as to follow the path to a more digital future. The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and EIT Manufacturing are working together to make the transition happen. In order to create tangible synergies between Factories of the Future (FoF)/Made in Europe and EIT Manufacturing, are also in the process of launching an Innovation Pilot 2022: an innovation mechanism to multiply the impact and facilitate the alignment of European manufacturing.