EIT Manufacturing: Empowering Stilride’s Sustainable Innovation Journey

Collaboration is fundamental to innovation. To foster innovation, a comprehensive approach is essential, covering technology development, start-ups, an alignment with industrial needs, and the creation of relevant training materials. Situated at the core of this network, EIT Manufacturing is well-prepared to provide extensive support. One such collaboration is EIT Manufacturing’s partnership with Stilride, pioneers in innovative metal folding technology, also known as ‘industrial origami’.

1. Crafting the Vision

It all began with a vision – to integrate the ‘industrial origami’ technology into manufacturing processes and products. EIT Manufacturing played a pivotal role by providing coaching, workshops, and introductions. Thanks to collaborative efforts, Stilride became involved in the ground-breaking Polestar 0 Project, a mission to produce a truly climate-neutral car (without offsetting) by 2030.

2. Turning Vision into Reality

With EIT Manufacturing’s network and contacts, Stilride entered the consortium for the project within the EIT Manufacturing Call for Proposals in the Innovation segment. They joined forces with Polestar, Magna Cosma and ADAXIS, aiming to develop a commercial prototype using Stilride’s revolutionary technology.

3. Sharing Knowledge with Impact

Stilride is committed to sharing their knowledge with the community. Within the framework of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) ShiftLabs, EIT Manufacturing is diligently supporting Stilride in creating training materials aimed at the broader public, illuminating the advantages of steel folding technology.

4. Collaboration at Its Best

EIT Manufacturing’s journey with Stilride exemplifies the profound impact of collaboration across the spectrum – from crafting the initial vision to turning it into reality and sharing knowledge with the wider world. EIT Manufacturing’s comprehensive support has touched every facet of Stilride’s growth, from Business creation to Education to Innovation.

The Future

Stilride’s voyage is merely the beginning. Numerous innovations and start-ups await nurturing. By continuing to collaborate across all dimensions of the knowledge triangle, we unlock boundless potential, propelling us toward a future brimming with possibility.

Join EIT Manufacturing as we persist in fostering innovation, shaping industries, and transforming visions into tangible realities. Together, we can accomplish remarkable feats.