EIT Manufacturing South East participated in the conference “Innovation Crete 5.0: Innovation initiatives and the bodies supporting them”, which was held on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March at the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 

The conference gave the opportunity to participants to learn about Crete’s innovation initiatives from local and central authorities. 37 central authorities and funds with 96 speakers shared insights on local initiatives and engaged with their pioneers. 

The conference themes covered initial-stage funding, Innovation window funds, early-stage innovation support structures, Crete’s innovation hub and its regional role, international company involvement, entrepreneurship support bodies, agrifood and health innovation, European Digital Innovation Hubs, and women in business leadership. 

Participants attended several discussions on a wide range of topics crucial for fostering innovation. These include financing and securing funds for startups and early-stage businesses, building solid and concrete foundations for the development of Innovation in Crete, empowering entrepreneurs and how to promote global collaboration.  

EIT Manufacturing South East was invited to the “Funding agencies” discussion panel to describe its innovative services to Crete’s start up and manufacturing ecosystem. 

Interesting workshops were held and provided attendees with practical guidance on essential topics such as funding strategies for startups along with EU strategic programs, the advantages of circular economy, building sustainable businesses with focusing on exploring opportunities for creating sustainable and impactful businesses on the island along with other topics about strategies for effectively commercializing research results.  

Additionally, EIT Manufacturing South East organized the workshop entitled “EcoInnovate Greece: Innovation and Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy”, which highlighted the necessity towards circular economy business models in manufacturing and more specifically presented the Remanufacturing business model, a type of Circular Economy, as the exploitation, dissemination, and communication leader of RENÉE’s EU funded project (Link). 

EIT Manufacturing South East was pleased to participate for the second consecutive time in this conference and anticipates collaborating with innovators, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders dedicated to advancing Crete’s position at the forefront of innovation. 

Dr Nikos Panopoulos, Project Manager of EIT Manufacturing South East as head of the workshop entitled “EcoInnovate Greece: Innovation and Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy”