End-to-end digitalised production testbeds for the food sector – Launch of the open call

Digitalisation of manufacturing processes features immense potential for process improvement. Harnessing this potential is a challenging task, especially for the SME-dominated food sector – this is where the cross-KIC initiative between EIT Manufacturing, EIT Food, and EIT Digital comes in.

Testbeds mirror real-life manufacturing sites, depicting either specific processes or scaled down process chains, to enable interaction with machinery and equipment and bring digitisation to live, by making processes tangible and accessible.

Digitalisation testbeds to tackle systematic challenges

In an effort to support food manufacturers on their journey to digitised production processes, three of EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation communities (KIC) – EIT Food, EIT Digital and EIT Manufacturing – have joined forces to support development and implementation of digitalised production testbeds.

Herewith, the KICs will contribute to solving some of the food sector’s most pending challenges: Food waste and loss, circular economy aspects, and value chain efficiency/effectiveness.

Open call for proposals

To find potent digitalisation use-cases and innovative testbed applications, the KICs are announcing an open call for proposals – starting on October 23, 2020.

For more information on the cross-KIC project, and on eligibility and how to submit, please follow this link, or register for the information event, coming up on November 4, 2020 – 11 am CET.