Supporting innovations across RIS!

Thanks to EIT Manufacturing’s EVO-R project, twenty-four innovative teams from the Regional Innovation Scheme RIS countries are getting the support to thrive. Besides mentoring, and business development coaching the teams have received up to 30.000 EUR to further develop their ideas in 2021.

On December 2, 24 participating EVO-R Teams received the opportunity to represent themselves at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2021. Besides a dedicated booth, ten of the teams also got to pitch their solutions live.

As part of the EVO-R RIS Activity, EIT Manufacturing attracts, selects, and supports teams/entities coming from EIT RIS eligible countries, to help them develop their idea and gain market access.
The activity provides up to 30k financial as well as in-kind support to the selected teams. Out of dozens of received applications, 24 EVO-R teams were selected. The teams have been fine-tuning their projects during the second half of 2021 through one-to-one sessions, where they are receiving essential insights and helpful tips on grant administration and business development.


RIS operations manager Adam SEBESTYEN coordinates the EVO-R activity:

” I am personally proud to see how many great applications we have received for this competition. We could select 24 excellent teams, out of which six teams are newly created start-ups. It is fantastic to see how what this financial and in-kind support can create for the EVO-R Teams. I am cheering for all of our teams and do everything to support them further in finding other EIT Manufacturing opportunities!” 

Tiago Neves – Co-funder of FiberSight – Smart Sensing Solutions Unipessoal LDA – EVO-R participant

With the EVO-R support, we managed to create value from a laboratory prototype, transform it into an industry ready product and prepare the market launch and the first marketing campaign.”

MR. VASSILIS PAPATAXIARHIS – Co-Founder and CEO of Intellia

“We expect to achieve through EVO-R is to generate the first revenue streams by signing commercial agreements. To reach this goal, we will first finalize the OptiPLANT product development and have it validated by our beta customers.”

Dimitrios Katsikas, MSc – co-founder and General Manager of D-Cube.

“EVO-R supports CYRUS standardization along with go-to-market activities, thus facilitating our penetration into demanding markets. EVO-R allows for “start small” through EIT Manufacturing smart ecosystem!”

Marian Todorov – Chief Operating Officer at TAMtech Aero

“The EVO-R program has been an amazing opportunity which has not only helped us speed up our development time by at least 6 months, but has also been a lifeline in this very difficult stage for the company. Through the project we have been able to precise our idea and refine the next stages of development.”

About EVO-R:

EVO-R is a competitive program to attract, select and support small teams/entities coming from EIT RIS eligible countries towards bringing to the European and other world markets small scale manufacturing related solutions that have been already developed. The activity provides financial and in-kind support to the selected teams.