Exciting Opportunity for Companies: Join INDUSAC’s Groundbreaking Industry-Academia Collaboration Project!

Are you a company seeking innovative solutions to real-world challenges? Look no further!

A Horizon Europe project that we are part of, invites companies to submit real-world challenges to its newly launched platform for industry-academia collaborations. Companies can use this chance to have researchers and students tackle their challenges for FREE.

Your Challenge, Our Solution:

  • What INDUSAC Offers: INDUSAC provides financial rewards to selected students, ensuring a win-win scenario for both companies and budding talents.
  • Expected Outcome: The project envisions fostering 300 successful collaborations between industry and academia, creating a tangible impact on various sectors.


Who Can Apply?

  • Companies of All Sizes: Whether you’re a startup, SME, or a large enterprise, INDUSAC welcomes you to be a part of this innovative initiative.
  • No Sector Restrictions: INDUSAC believes in the power of diversity and encourages companies from all sectors to participate.

How to Apply: For detailed information on the application process, timeline, eligibility criteria, and more, visit INDUSAC’s Open Call page. Be a champion for innovation and contribute to impactful collaborations that turn challenges into solutions. Join us in driving meaningful change!

Researchers and Students have the opportunity to form teams to solve the challenges. Students can receive up to 1,000 EUR each for their participation! All challenges are available on the INDUSAC platform 



INDUSAC project aims to create an innovative Industry-Academia Collaboration mechanism for fast, challenge-driven, and human-centred co-creation. The project’s goal is to validate this mechanism through the implementation of at least 300 international co-creation projects, led by diverse teams of students, researchers, and industry professionals. These projects will span various activities and target multiple industrial sectors, acting as a bridge between business and academia.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking collaborations that can shape the future of industry-academia partnerships. Join us, and together, let’s turn challenges into solutions and drive meaningful change!