First EIT Manufacturing Winter School challenge: A team of students was awarded!

The first EIT Manufacturing Winter School took place in October and November 2020. The programme targeted PhD students willing to boost their knowledge of data driven manufacturing, in particular focusing on advanced tools for the design, implementation, organization, quality assessment and improvement of intelligent manufacturing systems.

As part of the Winter School, the participants competed in a dedicated Winter School Challenge.

The winning team, which completed a study on an innovative product, a bladeless drone (read more here), was announced at the closing ceremony on Friday December 4, a fully virtual event by Klaus BEETZ, EIT Manufacturing CEO, Paola Maria FANTINI, EIT Manufacturing Education Director and Lucia RAMUNDO, EIT Manufacturing’s Doctoral School Manager.

As a reward, the winners got tickets to join the new EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School Programme to gain additional hands-on industrial experience, were offered a networking session with an EIT Manufacturing industrial partner, and they also joined the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2020 to share their experience.

Winter School Winner Testimonial: KHEZRI Amir Hossein

“In this challenge we studied a new innovative product, a bladeless drone, in order to assess its risks and make decisions concerning its design, manufacturing  and distribution. The idea behind proposing this product is currently drones have wide variety of application in providing data and services. But on the other hand, two main issues were necessary to be improved, as, noise and energy efficiency. Here we are using the Dyson fan technology which can solve the problems but needed to study the risks in the stage of design and on marketing. So risk propagation models such as FMEA, FBS and Sir models were implemented to examine the risks, then data resulted were fed to our decision model to analyze our product and to make the decisions for buying, designing, and manufacturing critical components, also have a marketing vision on our product.

The EIT Manufacturing Winter School provided wide variety of tools and knowledge, to recognize better different aspects of products such as, added value, environmental and social impacts, but more important on having a better understanding is how to deal with information exists and refine them in a way would help us to develop a comprehensive model on our product covering sustainability pillars. It was also a delightful and enjoyable networking environment to meet new people, industries, experts, and professors and using their knowledge and experiences to develop and enhance my ideas.”

KHEZRI Amir Hossein, PHD student, Winter school participant & member of the winning team.

Good news! It’s still time to join the winners at the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School. The training Programme offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation & entrepreneurship, and business modules, to PhD students. Apply here.