Five questions to Johanna Stiernstedt, new Director of EIT Manufacturing Co-Location North

At EIT Manufacturing, we are very happy to welcome Dr Johanna Stiernstedt in her new position as Director of Co-Location North in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Johanna Stiernstedt has a long career of managing research and innovation in a variety of roles, including at Swerea IVF (now part of the research institute RISE), where she among other things led work to introduce and integrate Additive Manufacturing in Swedish industry. Further, she held a management position at Morgan Advanced Materials, a large UK-based manufacturing company. Most recently, she has been part of the EIT Manufacturing team as Innovation Manager at CLC North, supporting implementation of innovation in the European manufacturing industry, in the areas of flexible manufacturing, digitalisation, and socially and environmentally sustainable manufacturing. Johanna Stiernstedt holds a BSc in Textile Engineering, an MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry.

Congratulations to your new role Johanna! What made you want to step forward to take the position as Director for CLC North? 

“When the position opened up, I knew I wanted to take the role in order to be deeply engaged and make an impact. We have built up a great team at EIT Manufacturing, and especially in the Gothenburg office. So, I really want to keep building on the strong relationships with partners, in the ecosystem and in the team. I also believe that through my broad professional experience, I have something important to contribute.”

With regards to that experience, you have held senior positions in industry, research institutions and academia.

“Yes, I’ve worked at all three main partner types we have at EIT Manufacturing: industry, research institutes, and as a guest researcher at a university (Chalmers), as well as innovation manager at EIT Manufacturing. I believe this experience makes me very well-positioned to understand our different partners’ circumstances; to collaborate well; to listen; and to drive key initiatives, so that we can reach goals and solutions together.”

What makes you most excited to come to work? 

“To collaborate and work together as a team, with a clear focus on sustainability!”

Briefly, how do you think EIT Manufacturing can add value for the manufacturing sector in Europe?  

“To make real progress towards solving the big challenges facing Europe, especially sustainability. Difficult challenges such as high energy prices, problems with the supply chain, upskilling the workforce, are bigger than any one company, or actor, and need to be solved through collaboration.”

At the EIT Manufacturing Co-Location North office in Gothenburg, you are the only employee that is born and raised in Gothenburg. As a local, what would you say makes the hub unique? 

“There is a strong reason the office is in Gothenburg, since there are many large manufacturing companies based here. Being in Gothenburg means that we are close to industry, but also leading universities and research centers. However, at CLC North we are responsible for eight countries in all: the Nordics, Baltics and the UK, and our team is diverse. We have a lot of different perspectives, and we are far from Gothenburg-centric. As a native, I would say that Gothenburg is known for being positive and welcoming, and we are building our network with that spirit.