A 2030 vision for the future of manufacturing

What will manufacturing look like in 2030? How will breakthrough technologies have influenced how we work? And how will the impact of manufacturing on our environment have changed by then?

“Fixing Our Future” is an answer that EIT Manufacturing as an innovation network and partners from the manufacturing community offers to these questions. It is based on the conviction that it is on us to shape the future – with all the opportunities and responsibilities attached.

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I’m convinced that the manufacturing industry needs a vision, because the challenges are huge, and none of the actors of the industry can solve them on their own. We need a common effort of universities and research organisations, change makers and innovators, entrepreneurs in startups and scaleups as well as small, medium and large enterprises, all working hand in hand. “Fixing Our Future” is our impetus to reach for the stars.

“Fixing Our Future” is rooted in the present and full of inspiration for the future. I’d love you to visit and revisit it. Let me and the EIT Manufacturing team know your thoughts about it – I’m looking forward to our conversations.

Klaus Beetz, CEO EIT Manufacturing

How “Fixing Our Future” came about

EIT Manufacturing aspires to leading innovation in the European manufacturing industry. Leaders need a vision, something they want to reach – something that is inspiring and positive, that can mobilise actors from the European manufacturing industry to buy into it.

To arrive at this vision, Teresa Hernandez, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing, drew together a team of collaborators from the EIT Manufacturing supervisory and advisory boards, the organisation itself, and from its community of partners. “Fixing Our Future” is the result of interviews and workshops in which the collaborators looked at facts of current developments, drew insights from them, and created the narrative that you can now access in “Fixing Our Future”.

Integral part of EIT Manufacturing calls

The goal is that “Fixing Our Future” makes people take action. This is why EIT Manufacturing has made “Fixing Our Future” an integral part of the current calls such as the Call for Proposals 2023. Project teams should engage with the topics “Fixing Our Future” touches upon and provide their answer of how their project contributes to contributing to make Europe and its manufacturing sector more competitive and sustainable.