An event in pictures

IMPACT FESTIVAL brings together innovators, company representatives, investors, experts on sustainability, politicians and start-ups to build an ecosystem fostering sustainability.

EIT Manufacturing Central had already taken part in the first edition in 2021 and also took part in 2022.

IMPACT FESTIVAL 2022 was busy – attracting more than 2500 guests. The organisers counted 100 investors, 170 start-ups and 100 speakers with a programme on several stages.

Fredenhangehalle in Offenbach, very near the EIT Manufacturing Central location Darmstadt, is a really cool venue for networking. Until 2009, the industrial site was used to produce lifting and conveying systems.

The concept of IMPACT FESTIVAL also includes green design – you will see lots of live plants about, water dispensers keep the audience comfortable for free (reusable cups included) and disposable booth decoration is as good as non-existant.

EIT Manufacturing Central was present with three start-ups, ligenium, Linq and etalytics. ligenium designs and manufatured composite wood based load carrier systems for manufacturing, production and logistics, etalytics analyses and optimises energy systems and assets with their digital infrastructure and Linq enables inspection of mechanical properties of metal parts with their advanced non-destructive testing solutions.

On day 2, the booth crea changed – from left to right Amardeep Banerjee, EIT Manufacturing, Christph Alt, ligenium, Javier Perez, Linq, Niklas Panten, etalytics, Silvia Grätz, EIT Manufacturing.

Christoph brought some load carriers which we used for apples and marketing materials…

… but which are usually used in the automotive industry.

Industry 4.0 transformation and the need for ecological impact

In a panel discussion, Wolfgang Kniejski from EIT Manufacturing, Christoph Alt, Javier Perez, Thomas Weber from etalyics and Florian Kriependorf from ScrapBees discussed the path of the manufacturing industry to Industry 4.0, why ecological change needs to happen and how it can be achieved.

Wolfgang also spoke about how EIT Manufacturing supports the digital transformation and Florian presented ScrapBees, his start-up that reinvented metal recycling.