Meet Soraya Gadit

With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, Soraya Gadit saw a gap in the market for a company that connected industry players with bright minds that could help solve challenges their internal teams could not. That’s how Inocrowd came into being.

Inocrowd is an open innovation company – according to Soraya Gadit the only one in Portugal. Its purpose is to connect researchers, research institutes and universities with companies and organisations that wish to improve their internal innovation processes or find solutions to specific challenges they face.

Connecting seekers and solvers

The platform can help solve any problem in the manufacturing industry, be it digitalisation, improving efficiency or closing gaps on the market. The principle is simple: The Inocrowd team works with organisations to describe a challenge and puts it up on the platform to be solved. The solvers submit their solutions, and the chosen solution is implemented.

Companies that approach us with a challenge reach 1.6 million people via out platform. We call them solvers – they are people with specific know-how from all over the world, some of the brightest minds you can imagine. We can find a solution in 4 to 6 weeks and are very proud that we have a success rate of 95%

Soraya Gadit, Founder Inocrowd

Part of the digital transformation

She sees Inocrowd as part of the digital transformation in a world in which everything is being digitised. For her, the platform has huge potential to foster innovation in the manufacturing industry. “Inocrowd can help find the best, most innovative, socially, culturally and environmentally impactful solutions for practical, ideation and theoretical purposes. We can connect the world to answer the hardest questions we are facing.” Companies like Volkswagen, Bosch, and Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro have already posted challenges. “Now they have great solutions for problems they had for many years,” she affirms.

With the business network LinkedIn and its ability to connect people and business in mind, Soraya Gadit created Inocrowd as the final project for my MBA program which she started 15 years into her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Born in Mozambique, she came to Portugal with her family and siblings and obtained a degreein pharmacy in Lisbon, Portugal. She was driven by the objective to find cures for diseases such as cancer.

Appreciation from the RIS LEADERS competition

“The connections we have made via Inocrowd are super exciting,” she says. “I enjoy being constantly surrounded by great minds which give me different perspectives and help me achieve my goals.” She has won two months of business mentoring through her participation in the RIS LEADERS competition in which she made it to the finals as one of six women in manufacturing.
Currently, the Inocrowd team is working on developing the platform further, help solvers develop their practical solutions and internationalise in order to reach different markets in different countries. They are looking to expand their sales and marketing team to reach the next milestone – expand to Germany and Spain.

Soraya Gadit’s top four pieces of advice for women in manufacturing (and beyond)

I believe it is important to understand we cannot know and do everything alone. It is our responsibility to do what we love and follow our passion, find the people that are capable of doing what you want. Improve your communication skills to the max – they are your greatest tools, because people need to understand the road and everything you need them to do.

Find someone you trust, find someone with experience, do not try to go on this battle alone. It is a bumpy road but at the end it is worth it, because your ability to rationally think and make smart and wise decisions will impact you not only in your work but also in your personal life.

One of the hardest and most important things you need to learn is to listen. When in a meeting, be the last one to talk. This way you don’t influence anyone and it is genuine what they will say. Your workers will treat you with respect. Most importantly: while you are listening, you may learn a thing or two.

It can be controversial but as a woman, it is hard to climb to the top. Being a good listener will allow you to get there, try to calm our mind, be less impulsive, learn to be in control of yourself so you can learn to be in control of others.

The sentence “do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life” is true. But remember, just because this suggests that you are not working does not mean it is easy. I leave you with Denzel Washington’s words: “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. So, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. See you at work.”

Have your family and friends as your ambassadors. Find an investor that helps you with difficult decisions.

Apply now for LEADERS 2023!

Are you a female innovator? And do you have a solution that addresses manufacturing-related challenges? Then take a look at the LEADERS 2023 Call. It’s open to applications now – you can submit your application until 18 July 2023.

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About the LEADERS competition

In November 2022, the “LEADERS – Women Innovators in Manufacturing” prize was awarded by EIT Manufacturing as part of the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) for the second time. Thereby, EIT Manufacturing wants to draw attention to women innovators and women in the manufacturing industry, as women are still underrepresented in this sector.

For the final pitch a jury selected six candidates, whose projects play a leading role in developing solutions addressing manufacturing-related challenges with strong financial, environmental, or societal impact.

What is the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)?

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