Increasing EIT Manufacturing’s presence in the French market

EIT Manufacturing West continues to grow in France with the support of ID4CAR, France Additive, and SATT AxLR, the new network partners and key players in the French industry.

“EIT Manufacturing accomplishes its vision and mission along with the knowledge triangle – Innovation, Education, and Business Creation – and, to achieve this goal, EIT Manufacturing West is proud to announce its partnership with France Additive, which brings together the entire French 3D printing sector, a key sector for Industry 4.0. On the other hand, the alliance with ID4CAR has vocation to increase the potential for innovation and competitiveness for its members, in areas where the ID4Car ecosystem has a national and European level of excellence, said Joël Rosenberg, Business Developer France.


Christophe Eschenbrenner, President of France Additive, and Joël Rosenberg, Business Developer France of EIT Manufacturing West.

Lastly, Oriana Rodríguez, Business Creation Manager France, highlighted the relevance of the partnership with AxRL .“AxRL is one of the 13 SATT, Technology Transfer Accelerators (Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies); from Réseau SATT in France. Through this partnership we look to expand our portfolio of opportunities to our ecosystems by providing the right value to innovations that respond to the commercial and business needs of manufacturing actors in France“, explained Rodríguez.

Learn more about our new EIT Manufacturing West Network Partners:

France Additive brings together the entire French 3D printing industry. The association’s approach is deliberately 360°, covering applications, technologies, materials, trades, the training sector, digital, supply chain, economic development, and financing of the 3D printing sector. The mission of France Additive is to structure the French 3D printing industry to make it visible, facilitate the integration of these technologies in the company, and pool skills on the major current issues. France Additive gives the players in the sector the means to work together and make the sector’s actions visible.

ID4CAR is an accelerator for companies in the Vehicle and Mobility sectors in the Greater West region of France. Its activities aim to develop its competitiveness, its European impact, and its excellence. Its community of members covers the entire value chain of the vehicle and mobility industries. These industries’ technological capabilities have been divided into 4 large communities composed of companies capable of collectively addressing a major cross-market issue. Thus ID4CAR follows that scheme to organize its activities according to 4 Strategic Activity Domains (SAD).


SATT AxLR promotes the expertise and results of academic laboratories in the Mediterranean area of France’s Occitanie region. SATT AxLR helps turn inventions into innovations to create products and services that meet industry and commercial needs. SATT AxLR works alongside academic researchers, helping to build, fund, and drive the development of inventions in their “maturation” phase. We collaborate extensively with industry companies and investors. With its portfolio of technology opportunities for companies, SATT AxLR brings you excellence right from its laboratories to overcome technology barriers and facilitate business growth.

Learn about the different partnership models and how to become a member of EIT Manufacturing here.