Event about innovation in Western Greece

Athens Hub participates at the event about innovation in Western Greece

We are thrilled to announce that EIT Manufacturing South East participated in the “Innovation in Western Greece and the Agencies that support it 3.0” event held in Patras on March 16-17, 2023. The two-day event featured 16 panels, 125 speakers, and 13 workshops, providing an excellent opportunity for experts to exchange views on innovation and its support in Western Greece.

Dr. Niki Kousi, the Managing Director, and Mr. Aristeidis Katsiorchis, the Innovation Manager of Co-location Center South-East, were among the distinguished speakers at the event. They shared their insights on the significance of supporting innovation in its early stages, and how Innovation competitions can act as a stepping stone to the entrepreneurial journey.

During the event, Dr. Niki Kousi and Mr. Aristeidis Katsiorchis also presented EIT Manufacturing’s vision, mission, and future innovation and education opportunities in Greece and abroad. We are proud to have been part of this event and look forward to continuing our efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece.