Leading the way in sustainable manufacturing at EMAF 2023

Empowering Sustainable Manufacturing at EMAF 2023

Members of EIT Manufacturing’s Portuguese and Spanish ecosystems participated in a successful roundtable discussion on sustainable manufacturing at the EMAF 2023 trade fair. The panel, titled “Intelligent production: more efficiency, less resources,” took place on June 2nd within Produtech’s Forum, drawing an engaged audience.

The roundtable brought together experts in the manufacturing field who shared their valuable insights on best practices and innovative strategies for reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable production methods. The diverse range of perspectives offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of sustainable manufacturing and its crucial role in the industry’s future. The panel was formed by:

  • Sérgio Albergaria, R&D+i and Incentives Coordinator at Sonae.
  • Jorge Serrano Pinto, Managing Director at Softi9.
  • Iria Galiñanes Romero, Advanced Process Engineer and Industry 4.0 at CTAG.
  • António Baptista, Senior Researcher at INESC TEC.

The session was moderated by Vasco Teles, the head of EIT Manufacturing’s Hub in Portugal and researcher at INESC TEC.

Throughout the discussion, the panelists emphasized the importance of integrating intelligent technologies and digital solutions to drive efficiency while minimizing resource consumption. They shared their experiences of implementing sustainable practices in their respective organizations and highlighted the positive outcomes achieved through such initiatives.

One of the notable projects presented during the roundtable discussion was  Green APS, a project supported by EIT Manufacturing that counted with the participation of INESC TEC, Softi9, RP Santini, UNIMORE, Tvarit and Voestalpine Böhler Welding. The project aimed to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Multi-Objective Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool and agile methodology that will allow industrial companies to use energy in a more efficient way, producing more with the same cost and reducing their Co2 footprint.

Additionally, by integrating sustainable materials and implementing energy-efficient systems, the project worked towards a more environmentally conscious and resource-efficient manufacturing sector.

Sustainability is a core value for EIT Manufacturing. It is vital for us to encourage all stakeholders in the manufacturing industry to embrace sustainability, as it not only benefits the environment but also ensures long-term competitiveness in an ever-changing global landscape.