Market Access, ieTeam, and EIT Manufacturing join forces in Portugal in a partnership focused on innovation and internationalisation

EIT Manufacturing West has signed a partnership agreement with Market Access and ieTeam with the aim of promoting innovation and internationalisation on the Portuguese ecosystem.

Market Access, founded in 2005 and based in Porto (Portugal), is a consultancy specialised in internationalisation, dedicated to supporting the achievement of international business. The company, with over 15 years of experience, has successfully implemented internationalisation consulting services to support the expansion and approach to external markets of its partners and customers, and built a diverse client portfolio from different organisations around the world, spread over more than 60 countries.

On the other hand, ieTeam, based in San Sebastián (Spain), was established about a decade ago. It provides advanced solutions in different business areas, including internationalisation, strategy, people management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Aligned with the activities of the organisations involved in this collaboration, the main goals include:

  • Collaborating with global start-ups.
  • Innovating in international products and services.
  • Gaining access to new market perspectives.
  • Expanding the collaboration network.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Market Access, a key player in Portugal’s dynamic innovation ecosystem. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to foster EIT Manufacturing activities throughout Portugal. In collaboration with our local core members, SONAE and INESC TEC, we are deeply committed to nurturing open innovation in the Portuguese industry. Our joint efforts with Market Access are designed to strengthen the connections between corporates and startups, creating pathways for the Portuguese industry to adopt disruptive technologies and opening new markets. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to unlocking the immense potential within Portugal’s vibrant innovation landscape, ensuring that transformative ideas are at the forefront of global manufacturing.

Gala Maturana, Senior Business Creation Manager

These objectives will contribute to greater global diversity in a globalised business environment, enabling businesses to generate innovative and creative solutions to reach new markets and achieve their goals. Through this strategic partnership, efforts will be made to search for innovative solutions on a global scale, along with the definition of internasionalisation strategies that enhance companies’ global growth potential and competitiveness.

Upcoming first partnership event

On January 25, the conference called Global Synergies: Industry, Open Innovation and International Expansion will take place in SONAE’s headquarters in Maia (Portugal). It will bring together industry leaders and experts in innovation and international expansion, providing a platform to explore synergies between industry, open innovation, and international expansion. This conference shows the first collaboration among the three organisations, marking their initial joint effort together.

Participants will have the opportunity to get insights into how to align open innovation strategies with the needs of international expansion. Additionally, participants will have the chance to engage in a networking session and take part in a guided tour of SONAE’s headquarters.