Move to 4.0: Accelerating industry 4.0 transformation across Europe’s manufacturing sector

The goal of ‘Move to 4.0.’ is to support the transformation of existing manufacturing companies in Europe by diversifying or transforming their businesses through innovative technology and new business models.

“We are diving into industry 4.0 technologies that will help us to gain in competitiveness and performance and supporting each participant company to adapt these new technologies to their specific needs”, says Anne KEROUÉ, project lead.

According to the participants in the project, industry 4.0 technology is seen as a lever to diversify and personalize offers while at the same time gaining in efficiency and quality.

According to Anne KEROUÉ, the participants estimate that Internet of Things, Big data & Analytics and autonomous robotics are will have the greatest impact on their organisations. The main barriers seen or are related to the choice of the best technologies to answer exactly their needs, their implementation prioritisation and the digital mistrust perceived by their collaborators.

As of the spring 2020, the project has organized workshops around industry 4.0 and its benefits, including presenting use cases and round table discussions with participants. Manufacturing companies willing to join the program, are able to to join the next set of workshops planned until late August. Finally, fifty companies will be selected to receive support to design their industry 4.0 journey.

50 companies selected to receive support on their 4.0 transformation

At the end of the program, selected companies will have a detailed action plan, including a description of required initiatives, technologies, costs and benefits as well as a list of technology partners to kick-start their transformation. Participants will also benefit from the best practices, capabilities and methodologies from leading institutions towards Europe to support their transformation and digitalization.

The project is the result of the pan-European consortium, composed by seven leading research institutions and industrial partners with Tecnalia coordinating the project.

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