New Pan-European project to boost Europe’s manufacturing sector facing pandemic

The CO-VERSATILE project (H2020/ No. 101016070) aims at boosting Europe’s rapid response during a pandemic, putting European manufacturing sector at the forefront in fighting the coronavirus.

To protect European citizens and address a rapid surge in demand for vital medical equipment, the consortium behind CO-VERSATILE will develop and deploy innovative concepts for repurposing and scaling up flexible and resilient production and supply chain methods. The goal is to assist manufacturing and logistics firms with readily available solutions, including software tools, manufacturing capacity and training services, generalised for replication and accessible via a ‘Digital Technopole’, a cloud-based commercial marketplace. EIT Manufacturing through its Co-location Center Central is responsible for the communication, stakeholder engagement and dissemination of the project results across a wide audience and potential customers.

Curious to know more?

  • Learn more about the expected outcomes of the project for the health care provision in Europe and the progress achieved during the first months on our Website here:
  • Receive further updates about the CO-VERSATILE project on our LinkedIn page here: CO-VERSATILE | LinkedIn.