New social innovation platform for European manufacturing industry, AGORA, launched

EIT Manufacturing launched AGORA, the new social network and open innovation platform for the pan-European manufacturing community, on 16 June 2021.

AGORA aims to contribute to and stimulate manufacturing innovation and debate. It has three main purposes:

  • To act as an online meeting point for Europe’s manufacturing industry
  • To provide easy access to all facets of EIT Manufacturing activities, covering all aspects of the EIT Innovation triangle Education, Innovation and Business Creation
  • To foster pan-European collaboration and debate about not only how but also what we manufacture

On June 16, EIT Manufacturing also hosted a launch webinar attended by over 100 people, with CEO Klaus Beetz and members of the innovation team sharing the aims of AGORA and benefits of joining.

“Like any social network and open innovation platform, the value of AGORA will be the active participation and contribution of the members on it,” Klaus Beetz, CEO at EIT Manufacturing said. “We as a European innovation community of manufacturers with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology will provide the space, the framework, and the necessary tools.”


What would be your reason for joining AGORA? Webinar attendees were asked this question and 77% said it was “to connect with the community and grow my network”. That is the aim, so join us on AGORA!

EIT Manufacturing members and other relevant stakeholders in the European manufacturing industry can request to join AGORA here. To read more about the platform, click here.