Etalytics and EIT Manufacturing sign support agreement

The reduction of CO₂ emissions has been one of the most prominent—because pressing—topics in recent headlines. Technology can help recognise and realise reduction potential, as a promising spin-off from Technische Universität Darmstadt shows. EIT Manufacturing is convinced of their solution and will support them in their endeavours.

Etalytics focuses on artificial intelligence and data-based solutions for efficient management and optimisation of energy systems in various industries. With their solution, companies reduce the energy demand for their heating, cooling and ventilation systems by using AI supported operational optimisation. Their etaONE® platform and etaEDGE® gateways provide the necessary tools to analyse and optimise their customers’ systems. They start with a real-time data connection and automated modelling and move on to plant operation optimisation and control.

“We support companies in reducing their CO₂ emissions, saving cost and achieving their sustainability goals quickly and without expensive hardware retrofits,” says Dr Niklas Panten, Co-Founder and CEO. “In validations with application partners from industry, we were able to achieve savings between 25 and 40% of energy costs with a payback period of less than one year.” In one particular pilot project, more than 600 MWh and 240 tCO₂e per year could be saved. As the project will be scaled to further five sites, etalytics expects that savings of up to 1500 tCO₂e per year will be achieved in the next years.

The image shows the etaONE dashboard

The etaONE dahboard. Image source: etalytics

Dr Wolfgang Kniejski says: “As etalytics targets mainly producing industries, specifically the chemical and automotive industries, they are a great match for our large network of manufacturing companies, which both sides will benefit from. Our common goal with etalytics is to ramp up sales and revenues as a first step to prepare a potential venture capital investment. This could help the start-up to boost their business, to enter new markets and grow to international scale.”