ligenium and EIT Manufacturing sign support agreement

Decarbonisation is probably the hottest topic for global manufacturers at present. To support the European manufacturing sector on the way to net zero production, EIT Manufacturing is always looking for innovative solutions.

We are delighted that we have found a perfect match: ligenium, a Germany-based green logistics company providing unique sustainable and flexible solutions for transport and logistics in the manufacturing industry. Their products are already in use at the largest automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and module or supplier systems (Tier 1 suppliers) today.

Ligenium offers wooden transport systems such as load carriers for mechanical engineering, production and logistics that enable a strong increase of sustainability at three levels: in an ecological, economical as well as social sense. Ligenium’s customers strongly reduce their CO₂ footprint, increase their flexibility in production and transport with yet lower operating and investment costs. At the same time, they improve job safety with load carriers that cause less noise, are lighter and more ergonomic to handle than standard carriers.

The image shows a row of transport waggons.

Ligenium’s wooden contructions are a lighter, more environmentally friendly alternative to heavy steel transport crates.

“Usually, load carriers are made of steel. This is an inflexible and heavy load to transport that actually makes for a big part of CO₂ emissions in in- and outbound logistics. Our wooden constructions reduce CO₂ emissions caused by current transport systems by up to 95% and are easy adaptable to the specific needs through our modular design,” says Christoph Alt, CEO and Co-founder of ligenium. “What makes us unique is that we combine the focus on sustainability and digitisation with wood.”

The image shows a man putting parts into wooden load carriers.

Handling lighter load carriers helps reduce strain and contributes to a healthier work environment.

The connection between ligenium and EIT Manufacturing was initiated by Silvia Grätz, Business Creation Manager of the Darmstadt-based branch of EIT Manufacturing. She has a strong professional and personal interest in impact and sustainability and is always looking for innovative solutions provided in that field. “Ligenium created a solution that fully commits to solving the current challenges we face on our planet,” she says. “I found that quite unique and I am convinced that it will have a major impact on the efforts of manufacturing industry to fulfil the ambitions of a net zero production.”

EIT Manufacturing and ligenium share ambitious plans: “We believe that ligenium is a great company full of purposeful entrepreneurs. Together we will elaborate the growth strategy and leverage the entry to the next level with introductions to customers and investors,” says Ms Grätz.