Zukunftsnavigator #13

Any manufacturing company needs to ascertain that their products adhere to defined standards and leave the site in proper condition. Re-thinking quality assessment can be a game-changer – so innovative technologies in quality assurance were the focus of an event of the Zukunftsnavigator series.

Eight start-ups inspired the audience with their solutions:

  • smartFAB’s solution integrates with existing software and systems and makes them smart, curating data across silos and distilling it into cross-functional insights. It also uses automated AI and continuous learning techniques to automate the data science workflow and adapt to changes in the manufacturing process. It learns to create a continuous feedback loop from shop floor technicians and combines numbers and narratives into easy-to-understand stories that facilitate taking action.
  • Breeze Technologies provides low-cost IoT immission sensors connected to an analytics platform for calibration and analysis. In this way, the company provides cost-effective, real-time data for situational decision-making on environmental and other measures.
  • DENKweit delivers a complete package, adapted to the requirements of mass production from introduction to operation. With the DENKweit Vision Hub, customers can train the image evaluation software independently, without know-how and from 15 images upwards in just a few minutes.
  • statpile digitally maps the incoming goods process from the moment the delivery note is entered, so that analogue document scans or system entries are no longer necessary. By planning, prioritising and evaluating quality checks, users can not only process all orders according to demand, but also make supplier, item and process data transparent via individual KPIs.
  • Tvarit offers ready-to-use AI software solutions, clear dashboards for practical application of data science in manufacturing, an award-winning algorithm library for rapid implementation while maintaining quality, real-time use of predictive and prescriptive analytics, XAI, and the highest standards of data security.
  • K|Lens enables smart manufacturing by combining classic camera technology with cutting-edge deep learning software to solve complex challenges across multiple markets, industries and applications. The team has developed a high-end 3D software platform that is used in a variety of application scenarios to meet highly complex customer requirements.
  • Visometry offers augmented reality-based technologies, services and specialised solutions. With the VisionLib Engine, the company enables precise multi-object tracking in an automated workflow from CAD to AR for industrial solutions of the future.
  • IUNA develops deep learning-based image processing software and camera systems to automate manual inspection and quality assurance in industrial manufacturing.

The presentations were flanked by an impulse talk by Mathias Kaldenhoff, Partner Sustainability & Innovation Management, SAP Office of the CTO on “Innovation – Revolution – Transformation“ and concrete examples for imaging technology from Sigrid Rögner, Head of Business Innovation & Ecosystem, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH).

The event was organised by BadenCampus in collaboration with EIT Manufacturing, DigiHUB Südbaden, and the BANSBACH Startup Desk.

This article is based on the German article BadenCampus published on their website.