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It was a premiere – EIT Manufacturing organised the first Manufacturing Day Ukraine, and, with this, the first EIT Manufacturing event within the frontiers of Ukraine.

“The best support is to do business with us.” This was emphasised again and again at Manufacturing Day Ukraine at the Eurocar plant in Solomonovo industrial park in the Transcarpathian region, organised by EIT Manufacturing in collaboration with Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster and Ukrainian Cluster Alliance.

Shaping the future together

Over 80 participants from countries in the European Union and Ukraine, including industry representatives, used the forum to discuss future business collaboration. The event thus achieved the goal that drives EIT Manufacturing as the largest European innovation community focused on manufacturing and played on its core competencies: Community building, opening up investment opportunities and fostering of business development.

“In the coming years, together with our Ukrainian partners, we would like to realise what the rest of Europe has been doing successfully for some years now: Initiating business relationships, supporting the market launch of innovative solutions and successfully scaling start-ups in their market environment,” says Christian Bölling, Director EIT Manufacturing Central, which is responsible for Ukraine. “Our Manager Ukraine, Olga Trofymova, is an excellent networker and has long been part of the Ukrainian manufacturing ecosystem. I’m looking forward to achieve our goals together with her,” he adds.

Supports business development in the Ukrainian manufacturing ecosystem

The European Union is interested in business cooperation with Ukraine. According to Jakub Boratynski, Director of Communications and Governance of the Directorate General for Growth of the European Commission, who spoke at Manufacturing Day Ukraine, the European Union was ready to help Ukraine develop the manufacturing industry now, without waiting for the end of the war. Supported by the European Commission, EIT Manufacturing today brings together 180 organisations across Europe. The organisation is thus excellently positioned to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry additionally, collaborating with Ukraine.

Start-up competition BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 open

EIT Manufacturing will increase its support for Ukraine in the coming years, among others through BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 competition! The competition helps spin-offs, start-ups and scale-ups internationalise their business, gain access to the largest European network, and realise ambitious goals. Application is open until 4 February 2024.


If you missed the event, you can take a look at the recording below.

Manufacturing Day Ukraine 2023

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