Scaling innovation: EIT Manufacturing’s new collaborations with French startups

As a key player in fostering innovation and collaboration between startups and corporates across Europe, EIT Manufacturing is proud to announce its support for two innovative French startups in its portfolio: Energiency and Trinov. These new collaborations mark an important step forward to drive transformation and growth within the manufacturing sector, particularly on energy efficiency and circular economy. EIT Manufacturing’s support for these startups involves a close collaboration that aims to leverage their cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

We are delighted to welcome Energiency and Trinov in our portfolio. These collaborations exemplify our commitment to driving innovation for a greener industry in France and in Europe. Together, we will work towards unlocking new opportunities and driving positive change that will ultimately improve people’s lives in Europe.

Jérémie Dalibot, Business Creation Manager, EIT Manufacturing West

EIT Manufacturing support to startups

EIT Manufacturing brings together innovative European Startups, SMEs and Corporates in the manufacturing sector to foster innovation through collaborations in the form of commercial agreements and partnerships. The organisation is continuously partnering with new technology providers on one side and with manufacturing companies on the other side to strengthen its role as a catalyst for innovation in the manufacturing sector.

As part of these agreements, EIT Manufacturing is committed to providing extensive support to its portfolio of startups, ranging from access to a network of industry stakeholders and experts, to participation in European matchmaking events.

Energiency helps industrial manufacturers in rapidly achieving up to 15% new and sustainable energy and CO2 savings by leveraging existing industrial raw data thanks to its innovative analytics technology combining human and artificial intelligence. By combining energy consumption, activity, process, operational and meteorological data Energiency identifies over-consumption in real-time to act on it when it occurs instead of having to wait for the monthly energy bill.

Trinov reveals the potential of waste by turning it into new processable resources. This B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) solution enables circular management of waste and material resources, leveraging IoT, application programming interfaces, AI, blockchain, and real-time data visualization. Trinov simplifies and standardizes waste management operations for multiple production sites, allowing companies to de-complexify waste management, connect all actors in the chain, and track end-to-end material flows. This company was awarded second place in the BoostUp! France startup competition held in Paris last December. During the event, participants presented their solutions aimed at fostering a circular economy in the French manufacturing sector.

By supporting Energiency and Trinov, a significant step has been taken towards making an impact on the industry landscape at a local and European level. The collaboration with these startups strengthens EIT Manufacturing’s presence and underscores its commitment to supporting the growth and success of the startup ecosystem in France.