South East showcases services and vision at INTEK 2024

EIT Manufacturing South East participated at the leading Romanian trade show for smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 technologies and sustainability, INTEK 2024, that was held from 9 to 11 April 2024 in Brasov, Romania. This year’s event, like the one that took place last year, saw a strong presence from EIT Manufacturing South East along with top technology suppliers and leading-edge speakers.

EIT Manufacturing South East leveraged the platform to actively promote its services to the south east region’s ecosystem. Attendees were introduced to the network’s offerings, which aim to empower businesses in their journey towards smart manufacturing and sustainable practices. We also had the chance to meet our core member ICEBERG+ at the event as hosts of the workshop we participated in.

Mrs Raluca Lucat, Icebrg+ during the workshop presenting about the company’s developments

The participation of EIT Manufacturing South East at INTEK 2024 (2nd year in a row) signifies EIT Manufacturing’s commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the South East European industrial manufacturing landscape. By connecting businesses with the latest advancements and resources, EIT Manufacturing South East paves the way for a more innovative and sustainable future for the region’s manufacturing sector.

Dr Georgoulias Konstantinos – Corporate Affairs Director, Dr Vivian Sophou – Business Development Senior Manager and Mr. Ionut Tata – CEO of Iceberg+ during the workshop of INTEK 2024