Fostering Connections Between Startups and Corporations for a More Innovative and Sustainable Industry

On April 20th, EIT Manufacturing and Acció held the Access to Tech event, which brought together 9 startups with innovative technologies from EIT Manufacturing’s pipeline and more than 30 industrial companies. The result: More than 85 meetings scheduled!

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to embrace new technologies and ideas to remain competitive. Startups, with their disruptive ideas, are often at the forefront of this technological revolution. That is the reason why EIT Manufacturing and Acció co-organized the Access to Tech event, to provide a unique opportunity for startups from EIT Manufacturing’s pipeline to showcase their technologies and connect with larger corporations.

But why are these connections so important? For one, startups often have fresh and innovative ideas that can help to revolutionize the way larger corporations operate. By connecting with startups, larger corporations can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in their respective industries.

Startups also stand to gain a lot from these connections. By getting in touch with larger corporations, startups can obtain access to resources and markets that may have been previously out of reach. Additionally, these connections can help to validate the technologies and ideas that startups are working on

In conclusion, fostering connections between startups and corporates is a key commitment of EIT Manufacturing. Activities such as the Access to Tech event, show our dedication to creating a more competitive and sustainable European manufacturing industry. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of these connections in the future and will continue to support initiatives that promote cooperation and innovation within the manufacturing sector.

Access to Tech event is our flagship event aiming to fuel connections to foster learnings and opportunities. We are very happy to have built a bridge between European technologies and companies from Spain as we firmly believe that we need to join forces across Europe to make innovation happen in shopfloors for a more sustainable and competitive European Industry. It was a great initiative executed hand in hand with Acció, and we see it continuing in coming years.

Gala Maturana, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing West
Gala MaturanaGala Maturana