STILFOLD boosts green manufacturing with an upskilling programme backed by EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing has provided funding of up to EUR 427 000 to support Swedish startup STILFOLD AB, renowned for their industrial origami technology, in the launch of MetaFold Academy. This initiative aims to advance green manufacturing practices within the automotive industry through education.

MetaFold Academy is set to upskill 250 engineers and designers in areas such as eco-innovation, energy efficiency and resource management through a cutting-edge modular and blended training model. Incorporating innovative training methods such as micro-learning, Extended Reality, and challenge-based learning, the programme will empower professionals from various backgrounds, including automotive, aerospace and energy industries, to implement novel green technologies in their operations.

We are incredibly proud and thrilled that EIT Manufacturing has awarded us EUR 427 000 to support the launch of MetaFold Academy, a collaborative initiative set to revolutionize green manufacturing practices within the automotive industry.

Jonas Nyvang, CEO STILFOLD

The programme will operate through a network of four training centers based in Sweden, Greece, Italy and Hungary, with partners such as Teaching Factory Competence Center (TFCC) in Greece, MADE Competence Center I4.0 in Italy, and Pannon Business Network (PBN) in Hungary contributing specific skills and resources to MetaFold Academy.

Hands-on training in real-world settings

Volvo Group, a key player in the manufacturing of trucks and a core partner of EIT Manufacturing, is the pilot customer. Volvo’s staff will be upskilled through this programme. This collaboration highlights the importance of integrating sustainable technologies into manufacturing processes. Participants can directly apply the newly acquired knowledge in real-world settings, facilitating the widespread adoption of innovative practices.

Furthermore, this programme also aspires to contribute to the European Green Deal, recognizing the crucial importance of skill development and qualified professionals in manufacturing industry.

Continuous collaboration with EIT Manufacturing

Since 2022, STILFOLD has received continuous support from EIT Manufacturing, initially through business coaching from the EIT Manufacturing North. Later, a significant milestone was reached at the EIT Manufacturing’s Leading Lights 2023 event, where a successful matchmaking opportunity led to a collaboration between STILRIDE and ADAXIS. Together, they have been awarded EIT Manufacturing funding to work on developing a software to enhance STILFOLD’s origami-inspired technique for manipulating and shaping sheet steel.

Moreover, the MetaFold Academy has propelled STILFOLD to new heights by integrating innovation, business and education.

EIT Manufacturing is dedicated to supporting forward-thinking companies like STILFOLD, empowering them to drive impactful transformations in the industry. We believe that integrating innovation, business, and education is crucial for advancing cutting-edge technologies. The MetaFold Academy exemplifies our commitment to upskilling individuals and ensuring the successful implementation of the technology.

Isabelle Menez, EIT Manufacturing SASU’s Managing Director