Start-ups take part in funded projects

TVARIT, Awesome Technologies and OndoSense move forward

Deep tech entrepreneurs, start-ups and young companies can count on the EIT Manufacturing community for support and get access to big industrial consortia.

Three start-up companies have successfully contributed to submissions for our Call for Proposals 2022 and will be working with pan-European consortia. TVARIT, OndoSense and Awesome Technologies are three young companies who are supported by EIT Manufacturing located in Darmstadt, Germany.

Project 1: Green Advanced Planning & Scheduling for multiple end-users from the aerospace and CNC machining industry

TVARIT has a vision of driving the world towards sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing. The young company focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) for the fourth industrial revolution and actively researches machine learning and signal processing. They aim to develop robust and scalable AI methods as well as making AI applications easier to use. The goal of the project Green Advanced Planning & Scheduling is the development of a marketable solution for the integration of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions with Energy Management Systems, which helps reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of manufacturing companies.

The EIT Manufacturing’s business development experts already support TVARIT to enable growth and achieve international visibility. To this project, TVARIT will contribute their AI expertise to manage the complex system of production planning, taking into account the use of resources. Their approach is particularly suitable since AI methods offer an ever-increasing advantage as the complexity of the task is rising.

The image shows the TVARIT team

The TVARIT team

Project 2: Flexible non-destructive testing using collaborative robots

Awesome Technologies and OndoSense are participating in the innovation project Flexible non-destructive testing using collaborative robots for end-users from the aerospace industry, automotive and energy sector as business partners responsible for commercialisation of the solution. Background of the project is that ultrasonic non-destructive testing methods are an integral part of the quality inspection but take up much time from operators.

The project combines non-destructive testing equipment and collaborative robots, so that operators can focus on the interpretation of the detected anomalies rather than scanning. The outcome of the project will help end-users to increase their ultra-sonic testing capacity by at least 15%.

Awesome Technologies offers innovative robotic or machine interaction solutions for the future in manufacturing by putting humans at the centre of the concept as operators 4.0. Their approach is to offer robotics as a service, analysing the status quo, planning, implementing as well as servicing and maintaining robots.

As a system integrator, Awesome Technologies will provide knowledge in collaborative robotics and automation including know-how of non-destructive testing and will contribute to hardware selection and testing algorithms. As a business partner, Awesome Technologies will sell and market the output of the project as a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf collaborative robotic application for ultra-sonic testing.

The image shows the founder team of Awesome Technologies

The Awesome Technologies founder team

OndoSense has developed an innovative 3D radar sensor for collision avoidance. This technology is reliable even in the most challenging environments and supports privacy-safe detection of human presences in the sensors’ range. OndoSense will adapt this technology to ensure safe human robot interaction and seamless integration of sensors and robot kinematics.

The image shows OndoSense CEO Dr. Matthias Klenner and CSO Michael Teiwes

OndoSense CEO Dr. Matthias Klenner (l) and CSO Michael Teiwes (r)

Support from EIT Manufacturing

The EIT Manufacturing business development experts provided financial as well as business development support to Awesome Technologies as well as OndoSense to foster international expansion.

Both projects have started at the beginning of 2022. They are supported by the Innovation team of EIT Manufacturing.