Talk about the “European Manufacturing System” at Smart Factory Conference

“Unleashing the full potential of manufacturing intelligence” was the topic of the Smart Factory Conference which took place in Technopolis in Athens, Greece, on April 25, 2023. EIT Manufacturing was represented by CEO Klaus Beetz.

In his talk about the “European Manufacturing System”, Klaus Beetz advocated a fundamental shift in manufacturing. One of his main arguments was that the industry needs to let go of the idea of producing goods in the framework of a cost, time, quality triangle and take sustainability into account along the entire value chain. He also highlighted the benefits of a European Manufacturing System and how it could overcome traditional barriers through an ecosystem approach.

Radical evolution

His vision for the European manufacturing industry as a strategic objective has universal implications for the entire continent: “We need to re-think how we manufacture what we manufacture”, he said.

A dual transition is at the core of the vision of a European Manufacturing System, with sustainability as a decisive factor. Klaus Beetz emphasized that the manufacturing industry must concentrate on its emerging enablers and deep-tech technologies to create a more sustainable and efficient manufacturing system. This will not only make the European manufacturing ecosystem and industry more competitive but also benefit the environment.

Human-centric manufacturing

“People are the most valuable assets of the European industry,” he pointed out. “They must be at the center of this manufacturing system.”. He called a human-centric approach to manufacturing critical to achieving a sustainable and efficient manufacturing system.

This approach involves empowering workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage emerging technologies to optimize manufacturing processes. Change is also inevitable here: The workforce in the European manufacturing industry needs opportunities to learn new skills so that they can adapt to the changing skills landscape.