Two Short Online Open Courses on the New European Bauhaus

EIT Community is proud to present two new learning opportunities for anyone curious about the history, theory, and practical application of the New European Bauhaus movement and its principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and aesthetics.

Hosted on Future Learn, the two short courses are free of charge and available to start right away, to learn at your own pace and tackle the major challenges of our time by creating a new way of living and being.

Each course is designed to bring the New European Bauhaus to life through creative instruction, in-depth analysis, peer-to-peer learning, and real-life examples. The New European Bauhaus aims to inspire citizens, innovators, and entrepreneurs to transform our lives, spaces and experiences on the journey towards climate neutrality – our courses provide the foundations you need to take your ideas from conception towards action.

Course 1: The New European Bauhaus: concept, movement and opportunities

This course will give you an in-depth look at how this movement was revived to propel European creativity to new heights.

What are the historical origins, the value and principles underpinning this movement? How can sustainability and inclusion combine to create aesthetic-forward design? These are just some of the questions the course will examine during a two-week study period. Along with other learners from around the world, you will discuss, debate and develop a new understanding of the fundamentals of the New European Bauhaus.

The course is free of charge and available to start right away, to manage and learn at your own pace. You’ll find that you will leave the course with a deeper knowledge of how creativity and sustainability can be leveraged in our European journey towards climate-neutrality.

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Course 2: The New European Bauhaus: Long Term, Life Cycle and Integrated Thinking in the Industrial Ecosystem

This course focuses on the urgent need to tackle the unsustainable use of resources and waste in the manufacturing industry.

From early design stages to account for manufacturing constraints to products and processes, this course examines how New European Bauhaus values, and a digital-first approach, can be harnessed to accelerate transition towards a more climate-neutral EU.

The course is free of charge, and available to start right away, to manage and learn at your own pace. You’ll find out how New European Bauhaus initiatives implement circular economy actions and strategies, and develop problem-solving skills needed to tackle the challenges of circularity.

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