Wanted: Young Manufacturing Leaders’ view on our Artificial Intelligence (AI) future

Write a two-page essay and get published in the 2020 World Manufacturing Report

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Engineering? Now you have the chance to be a thought leader, by sending a two-page essay answering five burning questions about AI and our future. What’s in it for you: Recognition, fame (you will get published in the 2020 Manufacturing Report) and you will be invited to the Young Manufacturing Leaders’ Main Event and the World Manufacturing Forum in Italy in November.

Who can participate and how?

The competition is open to 18 to 30-year olds all over Europe. Essays can be submitted through the YML website until 10 September 2020. On the website, you’ll also find the guidelines of the contest with more detailed information about the competition. Depending on your country of residence, you are asked to answer to a specific challenge.

  • Germany and CLC Central countries: How can AI be used to improve #environmentalsustainability in manufacturing?
  • Italy, CLC South and other RIS countries: Can #workers and #AI co-exist?
  • Sweden and CLC North countries: The #ethical questions surrounding AI in manufacturing: What needs to be done?
  • Spain and CLC West countries: How can AI improve #Customerexperience?
  • Czech Republic, CLC East and other RIS countries: How does AI support #innovation and knowledge creation in manufacturing?

Visit the YML website https://youngmanufacturingleaders.org/ and take a look at the contest guidelines to find out about the rules and the topic to tackle according to your country of residence.

“We are not looking for scientific document. Essays can be more creative, more personal, but still address the questions identified with a scientific background of course. We will judge the essays based on both creativity and understanding of the topics, but we are also looking for young, out-of-box-ideas”, says Marco Taisch, YML activity leader and scientific chairman of the World Manufacturing Foundation.

What’s in it for the participants:

The best essays will be published in the 2020 World Manufacturing Report. The five winners – one for each category – will be also invited to the Young Manufacturing Leaders Main Event and the World Manufacturing Forum on 11-12 Nov 2020.

What Young Manufacturing Leaders?

The objective of this EIT Manufacturing project is to create an international network of young people with a passion for innovative, digital and sustainable manufacturing. The network is open to students, young employees in the manufacturing industry. Another objective is to contribute to bridge the skill gap by connecting these young people with the industry and research.
In addition to common events organized by the project, each partner organization has put in place so called local City Hubs led by young people i.e., Braunschweig, Bilbao, Gothenburg, Milan and Prague. As of September, the local Hubs will be organizing webinars, company visits and events – a bottom-up approach.

More info:

The project is a consortium of five partners: Politecnico di Milano as the lead partner, Technische Universität Braunschweig, FIT CTU in Prague, Chalmers University of Technology, Tecnalia, World Manufacturing Foundation.