EIT Manufacturing Alumni

Welcome to the EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community, where innovation knows no bounds, and the future is in your capable hands!

EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community: The Future Club

What is it?

The EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community, The Future Club, brings together current and past participants and graduates of EIT Manufacturing’s activities. Our vision is to foster a sense of belonging, connectivity, and collaboration that drives the transformation of the industry towards digital and climate neutral goals. 

Our objectives

  • Enabling professional networking
  • Fostering innovation, collaboration & lifelong learning
  • Promoting the interest, welfare, and values of education activities
  • Building synergies
  • Empowering of women manufacturers.

What’s in it for you?

  • Career guidance and professional development 
  • Job, research, innovation opportunities  
  • Mentoring and training 
  • Online training course discounts  
  • Networking and collaboration with manufacturing stakeholders (start-up & entrepreneurs, academic institutions, Reasearch & Training Organisations) 
  • Updates on relative manufacturing trends 
  • Talent acquisition from a reputable and reliable source 
  • Guidance to access EU funds. 

Join us

You can join the EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community at any time. It is free of charge and based on voluntary participation. Please, fill out the following form. 

Once the form is submitted, the EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community will review the application and approve the membership. Applicant will receive a membership approval letter via the email they have indicated in this form.

EIT Manufacturing Alumni application

Form for people that want to be part of EIT Manufacturing Alumni

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