Permanent Call for Startups and Corporates’ Pilot Projects: Transform 2023

The Transform 2023 Permanent Call is open on 7th August 2023!

Applications open until 1st December 2023, 12:00 pm CET

EIT Manufacturing TRANSFORM Call 2023:
Driving innovation in European Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing seeks to support the application of innovative technologies in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), mid-cap companies and corporates, horizontally along existing supply chains, but also vertically, by integrating them into existing systems.

Supporting Innovative Technologies for SMEs and Corporates

TRANSFORM Call 2023 focuses on addressing the innovation needs of well-established companies, such as manufacturing corporates and SMEs.

It aims to support manufacturing corporates and SMEs in solving industrial and innovation challenges by implementing new technologies from startups that could be further co-developed and integrated into their business operations and production.

Pilot Projects for Industrial Challenges

The purpose of this Call is to support pilot projects between manufacturing corporates or SMEs and startups on a specific industrial challenge.

Through a structured process, the EIT Manufacturing Business Creation team will support the collaboration between corporates and SMEs with the best-fitting startup partners for further development and pilot project implementation, providing guidance, support, and financing during the pilot project.

The Call has the dual goal of providing innovative solutions for the Corporates/SMEs and opening new market opportunities for startups.

Focus Areas

This Call will support startups with innovative product/service that address specific corporate and SMEs’ challenges in at least one of the following four EIT Manufacturing focus areas (flagships).

The TRANSFORM Call 2023 is open to startups that address an identified corporate or SME’s challenge and that have been collaborating with this Challenge Owner on the planning of the pilot project

The startups applying to the Transform Call 2023 must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a legal for-profit entity with registered headquarters in one of the European Union Member States or countries associated to Horizon Europe at the time of their application to the call.
  • Have a dedicated team of at least two (2) full-time equivalent employees.
  • The solutions proposed for the pilot project by the startups should have at least Technology Readiness Level 7 or higher.
  • The application shall provide a complete application form:
    • Pilot project full proposal
    • Logo and company registration certificate
    • A signed Confirmation Letter from a Challenge Owner including description of the challenge, commitment to the pilot project and financial sustainability.

The exact number of pilot projects funded will depend on the quality of the applications received.

The total maximum EIT funding allocated to this call is 120,000 EUR.

The available financial support (also known as “sub-grant”) is 20,000 EUR per pilot project for activities which are in line with the overall EIT Manufacturing objectives.

The TRANFORM Call 2023 selected startups must conduct an in-situ demonstration of the pilot project by December 31st, 2024.

Applicants are invited to this permanently open open call and to send their applications at any time and before any of these cut-off dates:

  • First cut-off date: September 7th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET
  • Second cut-off date: October 9th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET
  • Third cut-off date: November 9th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET
  • Fourth cut-off date: December 1st, 2023, 12:00 pm CET