Democratizing Cobot Technology (DeCoTe)

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DeCoTe (Democratization of Cobot Technology) aims to generate a 1-day educational program where laypersons get introduced to cobot (collaborative robot) technology.

The motivation for the project is to reduce the lack of knowledge about this new technology and to increase the acceptance and diffusion of the technology as a tool in manufacturing especially in RIS countries. This implies the setup of a safe cobot workstation that will be transferred then to different locations (open workshops, design factories, innovation labs, makerspaces) aiming to involve many people in different RIS countries. At every location there will be workshops to teach how to use the cobot as a tool for worker assistance for a manufacturing use case.

These workshops will consist of four main parts:

a) An introduction to cobot technology.

b) A briefing on the safety aspects,

c) An introduction to the cobot´s control possibilities and

d) a hands-on activity to learn how to solve a manufacturing problem with it.

Activity leader

TU WienTU Wien

TU Wien


  • TU Wien (lead partner)
  • Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation
  • University of Patras
  • VGTU

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Lithuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association LINPRA

Core partner, Hubs (RIS)

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TU Wien

Austria, Vienna, Core partner

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