Early Stage – Startups creation , Business Development Support & Financing

Female entrepreneur explaining growth planFemale entrepreneur explaining growth plan

The objective is to create startups that aim at both incremental and radical innovation –supporting teams with business ideas that strengthen the current industrial and technological paradigms while enabling teams with business ideas that disrupt current paradigms and leave incumbent actors and old logics behind.

We run an open call, allowing entrepreneurs to submit their startup projects throughout the year. The origin of the projects chosen include: best outcomes from the previous year’s Innovation Pillar activities; entrepreneurs engaged directly by our CLC ecosystems; and, spin-offs sponsored by corporate partners who commit to at least 30% co-investing and go-to-market support. We will create the most promising startups, via a highly selective process, and focus the financial support (subgranting) on “Access to Finance” on top of business support, increasing the success rate of young startups. With this activity, we build a portfolio of Network Partners, and prepare them to become Activity and Core Partners.


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