Learning Factory in a Box

Learning Factory in a Box- [LeaFox]

Manufacturing is a major driver of the European economy. The project Learning Factory in a Box, or LeaFox for short, aims to ignite the spark of curiosity for manufacturing in pupils. The image of the dirty and noisy factory has long since served its purpose. The manufacturing sector is highly technological and characterized by constant innovation. It needs young talents who can find their way in a digitalized world, handle it, and continue to innovate. To lead their way into manufacturing, the LeaFox project uses the learning factory paradigm and brings this to the pupils’ desks. With inexpensive and easy-to-use kits, Pupils can playfully experience what happens behind the scenes: What is actually all part of the manufacturing process? Which tasks are required? And how can I help in the future to contribute to a more sustainable development?

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TU Braunschweig