Redamp: REal time monitoring of DED Additive Manufacturing Process for Zero Defect Manufacturing

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DED Manufacturing techniques are large-scale metal AM technologies that use an arc welding process (WAAM) or a laser with powder (LMD) to produce metal parts additively.

They offer a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, with a wide range of use cases in all industries, are cheap and fast, and are waste-free since all material is used. Energy consumption is one tenth of the needed one for casting and subsequent operations. These technologies are of particular interest for high-end applications requiring high-value material and are also well-suited to repair products, thereby precluding the need to store a large quantity of parts. REDAMP is a two-year programme designed to adapt advanced online monitoring and NDT techniques for early defects detection associated to AI techniques.

What are the benefits?

The REDAMP project will contribute to:

  • allow immediate repair during the manufacturing process
  • help avoid material waste
  • be valuable for the certification of DED parts for demanding structural applications


What is DED Additive Manufacturing?

Directed-energy deposition (DED) refers to a category of additive manufacturing or 3D printing techniques that involves a coaxial feed of powder or wire to an energetic source (usually a laser) to form a melted or sintered layer on a substrate.

Leading organisation:



  • CEA
  • Lortek
  • OCAS-ArcelorMittal
  • Tekniker
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland