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The final of the BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 competition will see Ukrainian spin-offs, start-ups or scale-ups from the manufacturing sector pitch their solutions.

Get to know more about the Ukrainian manufacturing ecosystem, as the event will give you time and space to network and also meet representatives one on one! The BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 final is coorganised by the Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster.

Watch our ten finalists pitch:

CheckEye is a cloud-based solution for early diagnosis of eye diseases, especially diabetic retinopathy, through machine learning and AI. By analysing fundus photographs, it enables early detection, which is crucial for preventing severe vision impairment. The service aims to make retinopathy screening widely accessible, benefiting patients, eye care professionals and public health systems. Photographs can be taken anywhere – from opticians to pharmacies – by non-medical staff and uploaded to the system for diagnosis.

Sorbiforce by Clean Energy Technologies is committed to advancing the global shift towards renewable energy by innovating in the energy storage market with sustainable, metal-free batteries made from renewable raw materials. Their technology represents a pivotal advancement in electric energy storage and balancing, aiming to redefine industry standards and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

ConcreteFlow specialises in construction 3D printing, creating serial wall blocks with a negative carbon footprint. Their achievements include selling 5 printers that have produced over 100,000 wall blocks, setting a record in concrete printing volumes. Their B2B clients use the equipment for various constructions like fences, houses, and retaining walls, highlighting their innovative approach in the construction industry.

Geodesic.Life designs and builds sustainable, affordable geodesic dome homes using prefabricated CLT panels and natural hempcrete insulation. Their eco-friendly approach ensures quick construction within 3-4 months, regardless of weather conditions, without the need for heavy machinery. The prefabricated kits are designed to fit within a shipping container, highlighting their efficiency and innovation in sustainable housing.

MeGoElectric manufactures and sells platform-based low-speed electric trucks with a maximum speed of 60 km/h. They offer two models, “Currier” and “Liberty,” priced at €7,000 and €8,000 respectively, targeting both individual and corporate clients. Their innovation lies in a new platform design that ensures affordability, efficiency, and customization according to customer needs, aiming to contribute to Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and sustainable transportation.

New Wiring Technologies specialises in automating the production processes of automotive cable products. They’ve recently completed a Minimum Viable Product for a sub-process in automotive wiring production, involving their own specialized equipment and software. Currently, they’re in discussions with major automotive wiring firms about using this prototype for industrial testing, with plans to produce an industrial sample.

The OptySun Bottle is a UV sterilisation water bottle as a safe and eco-friendly solution for water consumption. It caters to eco-conscious and health-aware consumers by offering an innovative approach to everyday hydration and emergency preparedness. With a focus on clean water accessibility and environmental sustainability, OptySun is committed to enhancing public health and ecological practices.

TIKPACK produces and packages grains, cereals, flakes, pulses and oil-seeds. They offer services for food manufacturers, including private-label product development, and are transitioning towards more sustainable packaging solutions. With a commitment to quality and timely delivery, TIKPACK has established itself as a key player in the grain supply and packaging industry.

Ukrainian Laboratory Instruments develops chemical laboratory equipment, including their flagship product, TitroPal, a multifunctional, precise and user-friendly AI-assisted burette and titrator. They also offer services in hardware and firmware development, providing complete solutions from prototyping to market-ready products based on their own control boards.

Viva Victoria offers tanks, pumping equipment and automation solutions for the water supply and sewage sectors. In 2020, they launched an IoT project for greenhouse farm automation, winning an EBRD grant in December 2021. However, their operations were suspended in February 2022 due to military aggression. In 2022-2023, they introduced a robot deminer to aid the State Emergency Service and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meet the jury!

Our jury consist of three experts:

  • Pavlo Kartashov from Ukrainian Start-Up Fund
  • Ivan Kulchitsky, President of the Agency of European Innovations
  • Christian Eder, Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing

Background: The BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 competition

The competition is for spin-offs, start-ups or scale-ups in the manufacturing sector from Ukraine who wish to internationalise and scale their businesses.

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