Phygital, screenless manufacturing follow-up

In a groundbreaking collaboration backed by the EIT Manufacturing Community, two French organizations have joined forces to launch a pioneering startup aimed at revolutionizing manufacturing processes. The newly established venture, Phygital, has successfully commercialized innovative Plug&Play production management solutions, marking a significant milestone in the journey from project inception to thriving startup. 

Presenting the preview new Phygital product for industry at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023 in Brussels.

Phygital: an intelligent fusion of physical and digital solutions. 

Phygital, developed by Komugi and Centiloc, and co-funded by EIT Manufacturing, is a revolutionary software designed to facilitate manufacturing follow-up without the need for screens, thereby preserving workers’ existing habits. Its core purpose is to provide real-time monitoring solutions for manufacturing processes at a low cost and with quick setup, particularly targeting small and medium-sized manufacturers. 

Phygital’s unique selling proposition lies in its elimination of shop floor screens, offering a novel approach to production monitoring that is both user-friendly and effortlessly deployable.  Boards allowing detection of NFC tags are implemented in everyday working furniture such as shelves, benches, and trays. An NFC tag is integrated on the back of each Manufacturing Order, enabling efficient tracking and management throughout the production process.

Crafted by a manufacturer specifically for manufacturers, Phygital redefines the landscape of production follow-up by seamlessly integrating digital data with physical assets, ensuring a smooth transition to digitalization without disrupting established workflows. 

Phygital’s journey is marked by notable achievements: 

  • Transition to thriving startup: Following EIT Manufacturing’s support to this one-year project with funding and mentoring, Phygital has evolved from a project idea to a thriving startup, demonstrating remarkable progress and resilience. 
  • Commercialization of innovations: Phygital has introduced two Plug&Play Process Management innovations to the market, both of which have already been successfully commercialized. These innovations promise to streamline production management, overall, for small and medium-sized manufacturers with their user-centric approach. 
  • User-Centric solution: Phygital has emerged as a user-centric solution, distinguishing itself by requiring no specific educational background or training for effective use. Its seamless integration into existing workflows ensures minimal disruption and maximum ease of adoption. 

A solution made for people 

The inspiration behind Phygital stems from Xavier Feltin’s firsthand experience in the industry, where he observed the challenges of traditional digital transformation projects. Feltin envisioned a solution that bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms seamlessly, catering to users’ needs and facilitating effortless integration into existing processes. 

Speaking about the project, Xavier Feltin, CEO of Phygital, expressed his vision: I felt it was necessary to find a solution that would bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, that would be done naturally, almost invisibly, and that would be within everyone’s reach, regardless of their facility with digital technology. I needed to create a solution made for people, not adapt people to a solution.”


Phygital’s societal and socioeconomic impact is profound. By promoting social sustainability and enhancing employability at the workshop level, Phygital ensures that digital transformation benefits everyone, including populations less comfortable with digital tools. 

An EIT Manufacturing community backed collaboration 

The EIT Manufacturing Community has played a pivotal role in Phygital’s journey, providing financial assistance, guidance, and support throughout the project. With a grant of €386,837 from EIT Manufacturing and a total budget of €552,625, the collaboration has been instrumental in enabling Phygital to navigate the challenges of innovation and emerge as a trailblazing startup in the manufacturing sector. The collaboration between Komugi and Centiloc, forged during their work on the project, will continue into the future to ensure the successful implementation of Phygital’s technologies. 


We are happy to see that the Phygital team has managed to bring their solution to a first commercial success very quickly with the support of EIT Manufacturing. With their innovation they have the potential to impact a large number of manufacturing companies in need of easy-to-deploy digitalisation solutions. This is perfectly aligned with our mission within the EU ecosystem.

Xavier Baillard, EIT Manufacturing Innovation Director. 
A man with short dark hair, glasses, and a beard is smiling while standing outdoors. He is wearing a white shirt and is in front of a modern building with large glass windows. The sun is shining, casting a bright light on him.A man with short dark hair, glasses, and a beard is smiling while standing outdoors. He is wearing a white shirt and is in front of a modern building with large glass windows. The sun is shining, casting a bright light on him.

Reflecting on the collaboration with EIT Manufacturing, Xavier Feltin shared his insights: “It has enabled us to gain in maturity and ask ourselves the right questions throughout the project. As a result of this experience, we have a better understanding of what’s involved in innovating with partners and the work that goes into moving forward, without losing sight of the end goal.” 

End-user testimonials 

Before its official launch, Phygital was successfully tested by two customers. These companies, SC Polska in Poland and Savrom Mulaj Srl in Romania, operating respectively in the manufacture of steel components and the design of injection moulding tools, approved the Phygital solution. This transparent testing phase strengthened trust between the final customers and facilitated the subsequent commercialization to two new customers. 

SC Polska praised Phygital as an outstanding solution, emphasizing its straightforward installation process and seamless integration with their existing system. The solution’s user-friendly design facilitated smooth adoption by their team, with operators commending its real-time tracking and precise geolocation capabilities, significantly enhancing production follow-up. 

Similarly, from Savrom Mulaj  expressed admiration for Phygital’s impressive user-friendliness, highlighting its seamless integration into their manufacturing environment. The solution’s ease of use was applauded by their team, further affirming Phygital’s capability to streamline manufacturing processes effortlessly. 

Phygital’s success story underscores the transformative potential of collaborative innovation supported by organizations like EIT Manufacturing. As Phygital continues to redefine the landscape of production management, it exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and technological innovation in driving positive change in the manufacturing industry.