EIT Manufacturing Moonshot Programme presented at Green Accelerator in Davos

EIT Manufacturing enlisted support for its Moonshot Programme, an initiative which seeks disruptive solutions that can decarbonise manufacturing, in front of an exclusive audience of forward-thinking executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and startups at The Green Accelerator in Davos, Switzerland, on 25 May 2022.

EIT Manufacturing, manufacturing-focused Knowledge and Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, goes one step further in its commitment to green and sustainable manufacturing. In doing so, EIT Manufacturing has developed a disruptive and breakthrough initiative: Moonshot Programme. This ambitious initiative is up to the challenge proposed: Decarbonising Manufacturing.

This challenge aligns with the goals of The Green Accelerator, an event that runs parallel to the World Economic Forum and is designed to showcase climate solutions while encouraging cooperation for climate action and achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Teresa Hernández, Head of Moonshot Programme and EIT Manufacturing Innovation Manager, presented yesterday the Moonshot Programme in front of an exclusive audience of forward-thinking executives, entrepreneurs, investors and startups who are interested in financing climate-focused projects with commercial potential.

“We believe that participants in The Green Accelerator are exactly the kind of big, bold thinkers who can help a Moonshot take off. I am proud that EIT Manufacturing was invited to present at an exclusive event like this. We are embarking on a very ambitious initiative, and we are reaching out to the best partners to join us”.

Klaus Beetz, EIT Manufacturing CEO

About the Moonshot Programme

Moonshot Programme is seeking to engage and attract Changemakers, and unite them in a global community, to launch their own Moonshot projects and achieve real progress on green manufacturing challenges. These Moonshot projects involve exciting initiatives that push boundaries with breakthrough innovations to foster European prosperity and sustainability. Moonshots rely on Changemakers, driven innovators who ignore the status-quo, break the old rules and create new solutions with a big impact.

“Manufacturing is one of the most polluting systems on earth”, said Hernández. “That’s why we have decided to invest in Changemakers who will disrupt industries and will create a better future for humanity”. Manufacturing in Europe produced 880 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2018, the World Economic Forum said, and according to Statista, manufacturing industries and construction produced 15% of the EU’s carbon dioxide emissions in 2019. Achieving a reduction in these emissions can go a long way toward meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal on Climate Action, to which all EU members have subscribed – but bold solutions are needed.

Aside from providing much-needed societal benefits, Moonshot projects which are finally selected are intended to facilitate development of new markets and accelerate and scale the adoption of climate change solutions. For achieving this goal, the Changemakers will have access to a wide range of support, which includes the wealth of expertise in the EIT Manufacturing network and financial support.

How to get involved

Not only Changemakers, but also potential partners, investor public institutions, investors or anyone interested in accelerating the programme, can get involved in the Moonshot Programme and find more information in EIT Manufacturing website or sending a mail to moonshot@eitmanufacturing.eu