Focus on: skills in manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing innovation in Europe: the role of skills to move the needle

The manufacturing industry is undergoing transformation as a result of technological advancements, climate change and geopolitical tensions.

The workforce increasingly needs advanced technical and digital skills that typically haven’t existed in traditional operations. This is where collaborative efforts between policy makers, industry, research organisations and educational institutions can bridge the skills gap and ensure that the workforce is ready for the world of tomorrow.

The EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023 showcases the best-performing projects in the domain of sustainable manufacturing. As the largest European innovation community in the manufacturing sector, EIT Manufacturing has the knowledge, expertise and resources to develop and leverage pioneering technologies, access new business models and engage in partnerships to improve European economic, societal, and environmental standards.

Skills are high on the agenda!

The theme of the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023 derives from the European Commission’s Skills Agenda. The event will discuss the importance of addressing the existing workforce skills gap in Europe. There is an urgency in educating the workforce to fit the industry’s current and future needs so to leverage the innovation and competitiveness of European companies.

Ultimately, it is well understood that the right workforce set of skills is the core element that allows to move the needle towards more sustainable manufacturing innovation in Europe.

Why attend? 

EIT Manufacturing gathers leading industry experts and makes their voices heard in various panel discussions. The event features ‘innovation in action’ by presenting successful projects and solutions that solve current global challenges through collaboration, innovative technologies and entrepreneurship.

Best of all, the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023 provides an opportunity for all participants to be involved in the process of shaping the future of European manufacturing through a series of networking sessions and idea exchanges with stakeholders and industry leaders.

Preliminary Agenda

The agenda of the EIT Manufacturing Summit is continuously being updated. You will find the most up-to-date version on the registration platform which you can also use to arrange meetings with interesting co-participants.