Celebrating talent

The EIT Manufacturing Master’s and PhD programmes stand out due to their entrepreneurship training. Graduates will be able to turn ideas into marketable products and solutions. They will figure twice in the EIT Manufacturing Summit, which will focus on skills.

  • 20 November, 12.20, Shaping the Future of Manufacturing Excellence: EIT Manufacturing Master & Doctoral School
  • 21 November, 12:00, Master & Doctoral School Graduation Ceremony

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing Excellence: EIT Manufacturing Master & Doctoral School

The integration of academic studies and industry needs in the EU remains underdeveloped. The EIT Manufacturing Master & Doctoral School is different: It demonstrates its alignment with the EU Year of Skills by highlighting its industry collaboration, sustainability commitment and provision of essential skills to students. This highlights its vital role in nurturing the skills required for the future of manufacturing in Europe.

The following guests will speak:

EIT Manufacturing Master programme coordinators

  • Human-Robot interaction for sustainable Manufacturing: Eñaut Muxika, Mondragon University (Spain)
  • Additive Manufacture for Full Flexibility: Mika Salmi, Aalto University (Finland
  • Zero-Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy: Helmi Ben Rejeb, Grenoble INP, (France
  • Digital Manufacturing for Innovative ecosystems: Donatella Corti, SUPSI (Switzerland)
  • Data Science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing: Catherine Da Cunha, ECN (France)
  • Doctoral School academic representative: Martin Mares, CTU (Czech Republic)

Industry representatives

  • Master Summer School & Advisory Board: Irene Vetrò, COMAU (Italy)
  • DS Scientific and Industrial Committee (SIC): Victor Alonso, CTAG (Spain)
  • DS industrial mobility representative: Marlos Silva, SONAE (Portugal)

Framework: EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023

The Master & Doctoral School sessions will take place at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023, which, on 20 and 21 November 2023 will bring together industry, start-ups, policy makers and academia from or with a connection to the manufacturing industry on the topic of skills.

It will offer ample networking opportunity – so who knows? Maybe you will meet you next colleague or future employee there?

Registering for the EIT Manufacturing Summit will also enable you to arrange meetings with interesting co-participants.

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Background information on the programmes

The practice-oriented programmes are provided by consortia of top European universities and overseen by a corporate pan-European network.

EIT Manufacturing Master School

EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School