Fostering Strong Partnerships: The Key to Innovation at EIT Manufacturing West

Collaboration, Opportunities, and Growth with Our 21 Partners and Counting

At EIT Manufacturing West, we are proud to be in constant growth, with 21 full members, which include four universities, six research centres and eleven industrial organizations, and 19 network partners. We strongly believe that our success is driven by the strong partnerships we have built, and we are committed to fostering an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Nurturing these relationships is vital for us. This is the reason why over the past month, we have conducted visits to some of our partner organizations to strengthen our ties, learn about their latest projects, and explore potential areas of collaboration. Such visits include the one to INESC TEC’s  and MC Sonae’s offices while in Porto on March 6th, a visit to Tecnalia’s location in San Sebastian and, lastly, a stop by the research center IPC’s workplace in France.

We have also managed to meet up with our partners at various events. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona became our meeting point to engage with Eurecat and UPC, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. It was an amazing opportunity to share projects, ideas and to discuss what our future collaborations could look like.

Antoni Pijoan, Managing Director of EIT Manufacturing West, visited INESC TEC’s offices while in Porto

EIT Manufacturing West’s Innovation team visiting Tecnalia’s location in San Sebastian

Joël Rosenberg, Business Developer in France, visiting research center IPC’s installations

Another example of this fruitful collaboration is the support given by EIT Manufacturing West to our partners in several events. Thanks to our agreements with several fair organizers, we have been able to organize conferences and roundtables that shape the future of manufacturing and to invite our partners to take part to showcase their expertise, share their knowledge, and network with other industry leaders.

For instance, at Global Industrie, held in Lyon from March 7th to March 9th, EIT Manufacturing organized a round table where our partner Systemic Intelligence presented SYDITIL, a project supported by EIT Manufacturing, in which the participants developed a digital twin technology that allows to model & simulate industrial infrastructures enabling optimization during the initial stages and in real-time.

Systemic Intelligence presented SYDITIL, a project supported by EIT Manufacturing, in a roundtable organized by us for the Global Industrie fair

Another of such opportunities will happen during the Advanced Factories event, held in Barcelona from April 18th to 20th. In this leading event, representatives from Tecnalia and Tekniker will present projects supported by EIT Manufacturing: Intex and CMT4ALL, respectively.

EIT Manufacturing West’s vision is to continue building a strong community in France, Spain and Portugal and facilitate cooperation across Europe. The Call for Proposals 2024 will open in April and it will bring new opportunities to EIT Manufacturing’s ecosystem to collaborate and drive innovation alongside other leading players in the European manufacturing sector.