Clean Energy Technologies, Optysun and Geodesic.Life win

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever EIT Manufacturing start-up competition for Ukrainian companies, the BoostUp! Ukraine 2024! Clean Energy Technologies, Optysun and Geodesic.Life made it to the top of ten finalists that presented their solutions in the final on 28 March in Lviv, Ukraine.

Clean Energy Technolgies won the first prize. Sorbiforce by Clean Energy Technologies is committed to advancing the global shift towards renewable energy by innovating in the energy storage market with sustainable, metal-free batteries made from renewable raw materials. Their technology represents a pivotal advancement in electric energy storage and balancing, aiming to redefine industry standards and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

Optysun succeeded with the second prize. The OptySun Bottle is a UV sterilisation water bottle as a safe and eco-friendly solution for water consumption. It caters to eco-conscious and health-aware consumers by offering an innovative approach to everyday hydration and emergency preparedness. With a focus on clean water accessibility and environmental sustainability, OptySun is committed to enhancing public health and ecological practices.

Geodesic.Life came third. Geodesic.Life designs and builds sustainable, affordable geodesic dome homes using prefabricated CLT panels and natural hempcrete insulation. Their eco-friendly approach ensures quick construction within 3-4 months, regardless of weather conditions, without the need for heavy machinery. The prefabricated kits are designed to fit within a shipping container, highlighting their efficiency and innovation in sustainable housing.

Support from EIT Manufacturing

The award, which comes with prize money of €7,500, €5,000 and €2,500 to support the businesses, was handed over in an event that brought the Ukrainian manufacturing ecosystem together. Representatives from industry, funding and non-governmental agencies, associations and universities met to exchange, network and attend the pitches of the ten finalists.

The BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 gives start-ups the opportunity to internationalise their business and access a large European network. Already before the final, the EIT Manufacturing team worked together with the teams, training them for the pitches and supporting them with information about the jury’s criteria.

Background: The BoostUp! Ukraine 2024 competition

The competition is for spin-offs, start-ups or scale-ups in the manufacturing sector from Ukraine who wish to internationalise and scale their businesses.

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