A digital one-stop-shop for custom parts

Image credit: Florian Klauer on Unsplash

KREATIZE is a full-service platform granting hardware companies access to all manufacturing capabilities without the hassle of owning a machine

KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) is a full-service platform providing Cloud Manufacturing access for companies.

Their services are enabled by a team of experienced engineers, who apply software solutions and Cloud Manufacturing technology to connect business customers with a vetted partner network. Through the platform, companies can fully own all manufacturing by being able to select from a wide range of materials including over 400 varieties of plastics and metals, and processes tailored to specific demands – offering on-demand subtractive (CNC-Turning,-Milling, -Waterjet Cutting, -Lasercutting) and additive manufacturing.

Schuler AG – a sheet metal forming company – used the platform to automate over 40% of its mechanical parts procurement, to increase efficiency, ensure fast delivery times and ensure high part quality.

Cloud manufacturing platforms look to play an important role in facilitating the pay-per-part model in manufacturing by seamlessly connecting companies, services and materials.