A growing number of women are entering the manufacturing industry

Image credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

The nature of these jobs has changed, too – less manual labor, more tech and automation.

Allison Grealis, president of the Women in Manufacturing trade association: “I think women are now hearing about these great opportunities in manufacturing. I think they’re also hearing more about the fact that the pay is really strong, competitive and great in manufacturing and things like the increase in automation and, as well, some of the early intervention things that we’re doing as a society related to STEM and STEAM camps and education – I think all of those things combined are really helping.

New positions and roles and responsibilities are being created thanks to automation, also thanks to the diversification of the types of things that companies are making. So I think women, especially those graduating from four-year institutions with degrees in engineering and science and technology – I think they’re seeing this great linkage and connectivity to these new careers and types of positions in manufacturing.”

The manufacturing industry still has a way to go. Allison Grealis: “We still have more marketing and promotion that we have to do about the opportunities and career trajectories that are attainable within manufacturing… The key thing that a job seeker is looking for is workplace flexibility. Some companies are creating onsite daycare or childcare services to help, especially, the single mom population.”