Accelerating robotic development

Foxglove Studio is an open source visualization & debugging tool for robotics.

In recent years we began to see more developer tools specifically built for the manufacturing and robotics industry.

A new company I came across is Foxglove studio, started by ex-employees from Coinbase and Cruise. Their product helps developers to build rich visualizations and customizable panels to quickly understand what the robot is doing.

Foxglove Studio is an extensible, open-source platform for visualization debugging and control of robots. It is built using web technologies and works with ROS and non-ROS architectures. 3rd party plugins can easily be developed.

The engagement of robots in the manufacturing processes (and not only) has reached a new level, proved by specialised tools and software dedicated entirely to controlling and understanding their actions better. How will the future of human-robot collaboration unveil? Will we see more software for communication, group work and tasks division?