Formic: Robots by the Hour

Image credit: Lenny Kuhne on Unsplash

We Manage Automation, You Manage Your Business’

As technology changes, one basic premise always stays the same; to get the job done, you need a reliable set of hands. Formic propose themselves as that set of hands; by putting robotics to work seamlessly in business operations they aim to solve problems and increase output without raising overheads.

Formic: “We didn’t invent automated systems, but we democratized them. Because technology doesn’t change the world until you make it accessible to those who need it most. Automation is a necessity, not a luxury. And our mission is to continue the American legacy of innovation by making it your reality. Our team has deployed over 500 systems, and our 100+ System Integrator partners have more than 5,000 deployments under their belts, making us the ideal partner for any automation job”

Customers can start using robots now for as little as $8/hr.

How can robots-as-a-service help to democratise automation?